The incidents of Suicide and Fratricide cases in the armed forces during the last three years is an alarming sign. What are some of the measures initiated to curb this trend down?

Various steps have been taken by the Armed Forces to create a healthy/appropriate environment for their Officers and Other Ranks.

  • Provision of better quality of facilities such as clothing, food, married accommodation, travel facilities, schooling, recreation etc. and periodic welfare meetings.
  • Conduct of yoga and meditation as a tool for stress management.
  • Training and deployment of psychological counsellors.
  • Institutionalization of projects ‘MILAP’ and ‘SAHYOG’ by Army in Northern & Eastern Command to reduce stress among troops.
  • A ‘Mansik Sahayata Helpline’ has been established by Army & Air Force to take professional counselling.
  • Mental Health Awareness is provided during pre-induction training.
  • Formation of Military Psychiatry Treatment Centre at INHS Asvini and establishment of Mental Health Centres in Mumbai, Visakhapatnam, Kochi, Port Blair, Goa and Karwar.