Write a short note on “Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribes Groups (PVTG)”

  • The Ministry of Tribal Affairs is implementing a scheme namely “Development of Particularly Vulnerable Tribes Groups (PVTG)” for the welfare of PVTGs.  
  • This is a demand driven scheme.
  • The scheme is flexible as it enables the States/Union Territory(UT) to focus on areas that they consider is relevant to PVTGs and their socio-cultural environment while retaining the culture and heritage of the community by adopting habitat development approach and intervening in all spheres of their social and economic life.
  • Activities under the scheme include housing, land distribution, land development, agricultural development, animal husbandry, construction of link roads, culture, installation of non-conventional sources of energy for lighting purpose, social security or any other innovative activity meant for the comprehensive socio-economic development of PVTGs.
  • The proposal under Conservation-cum-Development (CCD) are submitted by State Governments/UT before the Project Appraisal Committee (PAC) in the Ministry for appraisal and approval.
  • The activities/projects sanctioned under the scheme differ from State to State depending on demand raised by respective State Governments/UT.